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Life Coach Launch

Dec 20, 2021

So, you're a LIFE COACH who is looking for a better way to MAKE MONEY AS A LIFE COACH, but are stuck on 1-1 consult calls where you're trying to sell people to understand how you can help them to only be turned down by more and more each week. 
In this episode, I interview my wife, NLP Coach Tiffany Toombs @tiffanytoombs , and we discuss how she took took her false belief of "introverted coaches can't sell to multiple people at once" and walked away from her first profitable event and presentation with over $19K in profit in her pocket in under 12 days! 
In this episode we discuss how she did it, how she bust through fear, how you can quickly flip a switch to eliminate fear in your life and how you can use a simple formula to blow up your Life Coaching business fast, just like Tiffany did. 
Key Takeaways

  • Six-Figure Life Coach Burnout (05:03)
  •  The #1 Thing That Holds People Back with Fear (10:31)
  • The "COST" of being a burnt out Life Coach (15:01)
  • The Beginning of the Road that Led To $19K in 12 days (what she did)
  • How to make money RIGHT NOW as a Life Coach (there's cash on the table, here's how to grab it) (21:31)
  • 1 Profitable Presentation = 3X The Sales (here's how, step by step) (24:22)
  • How these 12 days and one presentation made her 70% more as a LIFE COACH last year working over 30% less (30:31)

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    We all win, when we all win!