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Life Coach Launch

Nov 24, 2021

In this episode, we talk about money, how it works, and how to make more of it as a Life Coach and Healer.

The TRUTH is, the more money you make as a Life Coach, the more money you can use to grow your business and give back to people who need your help. 

Money is NOT evil, its opportunity, and it's energy. 

In this episode I go over different ways you can attract money FAST to you as Life Coach while also telling you a story about how money really works (I promise you formal school didn't tach you this). 

So, if you're a Life Coach who is looking to make your first (or next) $100K in your Life Coaching business so you can help more people, then listen up, this is the episode where we talk about money, and how to make it as a Life Coach really fast. 

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Key Takeaways:

- The truth that most life coaches became a Life Coach (02:24)

- The different ways people see money (03:21)

- Answering the question, what is money and what does it do? (04:02)

- The birth of we all win, when we all win and where it came from (04:41)

- How to create money? (09:25)

- The story about $100 bill that paid for $500 of debt in 15 minutes (10:16)

- How money makes the world a better place (17:13)

- Figuring out the value of money (18:33)

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We all win, when we all win!