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Life Coach Launch

Jan 10, 2022

Are you an aspiring LIFE COACH who's looking to become a LIFE COACH but doesn't know where to get started. 

When I met James he was super excited about wanting to become a coach, but didn't have a plan on where his coaching profits were going to come from or even who he wanted to truly help. 

30 Days after signing up with us in our $100K Wolfpack Group Coaching Program, James has taken his idea, and turned into new paying clients for his coaching business and thousands of dollars as well helping him catapult new business and be seen as a top coach in his industry. 

In this episode of Life Coach Launch, James Martin hops on to discuss how he got off to such as fast start after signing up with our group coaching program and gives his top tips for signing up new coaching clients to business fast. 

We discuss making your first sales as a Coach, where those sales came from and how he setup his social media to get those sales for his coaching business in under 30 days. 

Key Takeaways

02:13 Meet James Martin

06:14 Live Sporting Events and Making More Life Coaching Sales (they’re related)

10:31 The #1 Lesson James Learned in The Past 30 Days To Sign Up 6 Clients

13:49 How to Properly Set Goals for Your Coaching Business That You’ll Actually Reach This Year

17:32 The role Social Media Played on James 6 Sales for his brand new coaching business

22:03 The Successful Coaching Lifestyle

29:43 Life Coach Rules To Being Successful On A Daily Basis

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We all win, when we all win! #ichoosetowin