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Life Coach Launch

Feb 1, 2022

You've decided you want to become a LIFE COACH, but you don;t know who you want to help?

Identifying the "WHO" we want to help is one of the biggest mistakes Life Coaches make when building their business 

In this episode of Life Coach Launch, we go over how to pick you "Perfect Proftiable Niche" so you can become a successful Life Coach in "NO " time helping people and making money. 

 Key Takeaways: 

- 03:15 The 3 Core Markets

- 03:39 What is a Niche?

- 04:24 What is a Perfect Profitable Niche

- 05:50 Picking the Sub-Market Properly

- 08:11 Creating Your Irresistible Life Coaching Offer That Your Prospects Will Feel Stupid Saying “NO” To

- 12:47 $100K Life Coach Launch Guide FREE Gift

Mke sure to grab your FREE copy of the $100K Life Coach launch Guide at

So, are you looking to make your first (or next) $100K as a Life Coach this year, then make sure to subscribe and tune in every week for new episodes. 

We all win, when we all win!